Performing multiculture: nordic perspectives on dance, region and migration


The object of the research is the role of dance in relation to questions of multiculture in the context of ‘Norden’. The project group focuses to more contemporary migration in Norden, thereby connecting different regions (Norden and other regions in Europe as well as the Americas, Africa, Asia etc.). The research is concerned with issues of tradition and transformation, including technologies of transmission and interaction facilitated by online media. The critical analysis in the ongoing research of the group uses a shared theoretical framework leaning on the notion of ‘Intersectionality’ - the juxtaposition of different identity criteria (Crenshaw and Savigliano). From this point of departure, the tracing of ‘Ethnoscapes’ and ‘Movementscapes’ (Appadurai and Hammergren) and ‘Communitarian practices’ (Hamera) are shared concerns.

More information will be uploaded during the spring 2013.


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